Subconscious Toy. (Whats that? .. coming soon !)

     the story of BASAL.

Basal began a long time ago, of some unknown origin from some distant planet. He morphed into cEvin's skin cancer and was living for some time before a surgery in 2016 removed it.  While recovering from surgery, clay came to hand and Basal, the cancer totem boy was born. He took a Long while to sculpt,bUT had some luck along the way to be able to ask advice of my friend Paul Kaiju. When Basal was done I sent him to Japan where he lived in Koenji for a year and didn't learn a single word of Japanese. Unfortunately Basal met a untimely death in a house fire while being made into molds for the production of a vinyl toy.  I thought this was the end of Basal, as many other artists works were also lost in the fire. Luckily, another friend came and said we can rebuild him if you have pictures. Pictures i did, and so the team from Unbox Industries in Hong Kong began their 3D reconstruction of Basal. Its now almost done 3D work and then Basal will be off to LA for printing. After that another flight back to Koenji Japan, for the wax and mold stage. We were able to fix all the imperfections in the 3D work, so I thank Dan, GORAN and Unbox for their restoration!  After the molds are made it will go on to where the fig will be pulled into a vinyl figure by legendary Shirahama toys.

I Will keep you all posted. I think I'm more excited than anyone.  These will be limited edition for sure.